Dropped the ball

Lady Tigers varsity basketball team suffers defeat


Kaitlyn Gordon

The Lady Tigers were defeated 51-55 in their game against the Royce City Bulldogs. This was the game to determine whether or not the Lady Tigers would go into District undefeated.

Story by Madison Brown, managing editor

The girls varsity basketball team was sadly defeated in their game against Royce City on Fri. Jan. 25. Although they put up a good fight for the majority of the game, the rival team came out ahead with a score of 55-51.

The game started out intense. The Lady Tigers fought hard for control of the ball and remained dominant throughout the first quarter which resulted in the quarter ending with Texas High on top, 18-12.

“We did great on our defensive assignments, driving the ball in the middle, and getting it into the gaps,” senior Unique McBride said.

The second quarter was when things took a turn for the worse. Although the Lady Tigers continued to fight for control of the ball, the Royce City Lady Bulldogs gained advantage as they cleaned up their flaws and picked up the pace.

“We made a few mistakes,” senior Vicki Willis said. “We should have played a little bit more smart ball. We’re going to have to work on our momentum.”

After the first half, the Lady Tigers could not catch back up. Several players were already aware of some factors that would contribute this loss.

“In the scrimmage game I dislocated my knee and have been injured ever since,” senior Maranda Miller said. “I could have played better but it’s all in my head. If I would have felt more confident with my knee, then I think the whole season would have been different.”

This was an important game for the Lady Tigers. This one loss spoiled their undefeated season.

“This game was the game to determine if we were to go undefeated,” Miller said. “Now we’re tied for district so we’ll have to play [Royce City] a third time to see who gets seeded first.“