New season on the horizon

Tennis team prepares to compete in second tournament

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor

Both the JV and varsity tennis teams began their fall season on Tuesday against the Pine Tree High School Pirates. The Tigers proved that their superiority has not faded as varsity went on to win 18-0 and junior varsity 20-0.

As they prepare for their second tournament against Lakeside High School on Saturday, they continue to be mindful of the changes the pandemic has brought to athletic events. 

“Tennis is actually a very low risk sport, so the actual playing doesn’t really change,” Young said. “It is what we do off the court that changes, like distance between people who come and watch. The match isn’t really affected.”

The Tigers are already beginning to make predictions about the performance of this year’s team.

“This year, the girls are just as strong, if not stronger,” Young said. “We lost a lot of senior guys, but I think we have enough coming up to where we can be as good as last year. I don’t believe we’re at a disadvantage.”

With this year’s team being a promising group, hopes are high. The Tigers are eager for another chance at familiar rivals they will face again later this season.

“We hope to make it to the regional semifinals,” Young said. “We’ll play Highland Park, and maybe, we’ll finally get past them for the first time.”