High kicks and high standards

Drill team isn’t just about dancing


Caden Rainwater

HighSteppers line runway in preparation for the Texas High football game. The Tigers won against Liberty Eylau on Sept. 14 of 2019.

Story by Olivia Huckabee, staff writer

They stand at the 50-yard line, in perfect rows with sparkling uniforms. In the stands, they see the smiling faces of parents and classmates. It’s Friday night, and the HighSteppers patiently wait for their time to shine.

“It’s the best feeling in the world. I can’t even describe it,” senior lieutenant Evelyn Patterson said. “It’s something about performing on the field that is different from every other performance. The crowd is always so energetic because they are already hyped up from the game, it’s amazing.” 

Performances don’t happen easily, as many hours of practice go into each one.

“Practices are different everyday depending on what we need to work on,” freshman rookie Ella Kier said. “Mondays, we normally work on gussies, a series of high kicks. Everyday throughout the week we go over the dances that we need to know and just practice over and over.”

 In order to participate in a performance, each girl must try out for that week’s dance.

“Wednesdays are the tryout days for performances,” Patterson said. “We tryout in groups, and the ones who make the tryout will perform at the next game.”  

Even though they practice many hours a week, they still make time for other activities within the group.

“We have big and little sisters, which is fun because it makes us more united with the underclassman,” Patterson said. “We have a Christmas party every year, after the spring show we all stay the night at the captain’s house, and once a year we all go paint at Painting With a Twist.” 

Being one of the most noticeable organizations on campus comes with some benefits and responsibilities.

“Having everyone around the school know that you are part of the team is an amazing feeling,” Kier said. “You are held at a higher standard than most people. So, it feels great knowing that kids around the school look up to you, and little girls aspire to be you one day.”