Tigers kick-off the season at AT&T stadium

The Texas High Tigers face the Lone Star Rangers in the season opener at AT&T stadium.


Photo by Jackson Haltom

Head coach Gerry Stanford hands off the ball to a player in preparation for this week’s game. The Tigers will play Frisco Lone Star on Aug. 25, 2022.

Story by Braden McKinnon, staff writer

Tonight the Texas High Tigers face off against Frisco Lonestar Rangers in the first football game of the 2022-23 season. Coming into this game the Tigers are ranked 8th in 5aD2 while the Rangers are ranked 11th in 5aD1. The game is very highly anticipated as its venue is none other than AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys. The Rangers last season went 9-3 losing in the second round of the playoffs. The Tigers went undefeated, losing to only one team in the last 2 seasons and making it to the fourth round of the playoffs. The Tigers might be in a lower division than the Rangers but make no mistake this will be a very hard-fought, thrilling game for everyone playing and anyone in attendance.