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Media-inspired costumes you probably already have in your closet


Story by Audrey Haskins and Cate Rounds

It’s 4:00 on Halloween. You just realized you need a costume to get a discounted burrito at Chipotle. But what do you do? You read this list, raid your sibling’s closet, and become a highly recognizable pop culture icon.

  • James Charles and Jeffree Star

For James Charles, you’ll need a black hoodie, denim high-waisted shorts, and one of his iconic makeup looks. For Jeffree Star, you’ll need either a matching track suit or short, sparkly dress, temporary tattoos to cover your body, a hot pink wig, and one of his iconic makeup looks.

  • Pregnant Miranda Sings  and Virgin Miranda

As for the wonderful and eccentric Miranda Sings, if one wants to truly channel her look, you need red lipstick and plenty of it. With Pregnant Miranda, all you need is a pair of bright red bell bottoms, a long sleeve button down, and a large foam ball. Cut the foam ball in half, stick it under the shirt, and there you are as pregnant miranda sings. As for the Virgin Miranda, you essentially need the same costume pieces, minus the homemade belly, and a cross you can carry around with you!

  • Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson always wears the same black pig t-shirt and black jeans in every video. You can find the t-shirt on Amazon Prime. Make sure you grab a camera and apply some fake scruff.

  • TanaCon

TanaCon was an event put on by YouTuber Tana Mongeau that was a complete and utter failure. For this costume, you need at least two people. To be crying Tana, dress as much like an Instagram baddie as possible, meaning get thigh high boots, shorts or a skirt, and a Tee shirt that’s either far too large or far too small. Then, proceed to perfect your makeup, and spray yourself in the face with the showerhead or a hose or a spray bottle, so that you really get that crying effect (because the event you spent time and money on failed) going. As for costume number two, you need to do the exact same thing with your makeup to become a crying fan. Get yourself some Tana merch and some fake tickets to hold and you’re good to go!

  • Try Guys

Each of the Try Guys has their own distinct style and colors. For Keith, wear a blue checkered shirt with glasses and carry around a bucket of fried chicken. For Ned, you will need a red polo or short-sleeve button-up, a wedding ring, and a baby doll to be Wesley. Zach would need any type of cat clothing (shirt, pants, hat,etc.), a green shirt or pants, and glasses. Eugene is the most stylish, so you would need a purple suit, a nice patterned shirt, very tall hair, and a stuffed dog.

  • Jojo Siwa

Warning: This costume will you give you a headache. You have to obtain a lot of hairspray, a sparkly bow, and a brush that will flatten your hair into the tightest high ponytail possible. Pair this with the most glittery skirt, pair of leggings, vest and shoes you can find and people will understand your costume very clearly.

  • Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Despite them already calling off the engagement, Pete and Ariana were one of the most iconic couples of 2018. For Pete, you need a white sweatshirt, baggy jeans, bleach blonde hair, and one of his many Ariana Grande tattoos. For Ariana, you need a giant sweatshirt as a dress, thigh high boots, and hair in a very long, high ponytail (extensions).