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Ayla Sozen

Ayla Sozen, Photographer

Ayla Sozen is a currently a junior at Texas High as a new member of the photography staff. Originally born in Bremen, Germany, Ayla is an outgoing 16 year old who will happily make you laugh while taking your picture just to make the situation as less awkward for you. Last year, Ayla rescued a dog, who she now calls Willy. Ayla is a former Lady Tigers varsity track runner, but realized that she HATES the outdoors and having to run every morning of her life. She'd much rather be a part of something like photography. Ayla enjoys watching movies. In fact, she has a movie obsession. She frequently uses google and stalks actors while spending her hours watching interviews. She is also a lover of  Mexican food and pasta. Ayla is a strong believer of the motto, “Nothing Bad Last Forever,” meaning there's not need to fret. Be happy, be cool, be you.

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[Photo] A new sound

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer
April 5, 2016

[Photo] Snapchatless

Story by Ali Richter, staff writer
March 29, 2016

[Photo] Are you SAD?

Story by Ali Richter, staff writer
February 8, 2016

[Photo] Serving the stage

Story by Grace Hickey, staff writer
January 8, 2016
Junior Ketasha Noble and senior Adolfo Camacho proudly display the new Randy Sams t-shirts featuring their artwork.

[Photo] Creating for a cause

Story by Matt Francis, staff writer
November 17, 2015

[Photo] The write decision

Story by Maddie Gerrald, staff writer
November 27, 2015

[Photo] National Merit Commended Students

Story by Anna Graves, print co-editor-in-chief
November 2, 2015

[Photo] Double the name, double the pain

Story by Ashlyn Sander, Business manager
September 25, 2015
Texas flags fly in the beds of pickup trucks at Texas High School during the Texas vs. Arkansas game week. Some flags were vandalized with obsenities  the Wednesday before the game.

[Photo] Crossing the line

September 3, 2015
Texas Middle School students stretch before workouts with the new TMS  dance team.

[Photo] Highstepping Up the Game

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer
September 2, 2015
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Ayla Sozen