Highstepping Up the Game

New Texas Middle School drill team class prepares dancers to become Highsteppers in high school


Ayla Sozen

Texas Middle School students stretch before workouts with the new TMS dance team.

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer

Starting this school year Texas Middle School will have a drill team prep class.  So far this course has 25 eighth graders signed up hoping to one day be a Texas Highstepper.

These girls will be bussed to Texas High School at the end of the day to to work with the drill team director, Amber Reynolds.  

“The purpose of the Texas Middle School class is to get the girls prepared to be a Texas Highstepper in high school,” Reynolds said.  “We’ll go over everything about drill team practices, work on technique, and do different types of dances that the Highsteppers do.”

Tryout week is stressful, especially for new members trying out with experienced dancers.  “Yes, I would have felt more prepared if I had been offered the drill team prep class mostly because I would have more experience with drill team technique along with feeling more comfortable trying out instead of just going in with no experience,” new member Sarah Grace Boudreaux said.

Along with having good technique, the Highsteppers must have good showmanship when performing,”  Reynolds said.  “I do hope [girls in the prep class] get a chance to perform, especially at a pep rally, a football game and at the Highstepper Spring Show in May.”

The prep class could be the beginning of a larger and stronger drill team.  

“I think the new drill team class at Texas Middle School will affect the future of the Highsteppers positively because it will better prepare and encourage the girls to try out for drill team,” junior lieutenant Leighton Weber said.  “This will make them better dancers and strengthen the team.”