Creating for a cause

Students’ designs featured as logo for Randy Sam’s Outreach Shelter


Photo by Ayla Sozen

Junior Ketasha Noble and senior Adolfo Camacho proudly display the new Randy Sam’s t-shirts featuring their artwork.

Story by Matt Francis, staff writer

Junior Ketasha Noble and senior Adolfo Camacho had their artwork chosen in October to be the new logo for Randy Sam’s Outreach Shelter. Both of the students’ designs were merged to make the official design for Randy Sam’s events and promotions.

Noble could not believe that the design she created was chosen to represent Randy Sam’s.

“When I was told, I just remember thinking that this can’t be,” Noble said. “I felt great knowing my artwork was picked.”

The students designed their work in Cindy Snell’s graphic design class.

“Randy Sam’s told me about the contest in September,” Snell said. “I was really excited to hear that it was two of my students who had their designs put together.”

Snell said she hopes the results will mean growth for the graphic design program.

“I think this choice will help the program,” Snell said. “Students will be able to see that designing t-shirts, among other things, is a very important part of everyday life.”

Camacho used what he learned while working in other clubs, like T-Bots, to create his design.  

“We would assist this one church every third Sunday of every month for T-Bots,” Camacho said. “I remembered seeing something that said ‘They don’t need coins, they need change, so I used it.”

Camacho was awestruck when he found out that his creation would be one of the two that were merged to create the overall design.

“I was really impressed,” Camacho said. ” I never thought that we would be the ones to win.”