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Emma LeFors, staff writer

Emma LeFors is a junior, and this is her first year as a newspaper staff writer. She loves anything and everything having to do with Jesus and can recite every Disney song by heart. Emma always plans to leave the house early, but she somehow always ends up 10 minutes late. She tends to overload herself with school work and then proceeds to procrastinate, usually resulting in a mental breakdown during finals week. For years, Emma has begged her friends to call her something other than her name, so she won’t have to spend the rest of her life known simply as ‘another Emma’. While most people enjoy the company of others, Emma’s favorite thing to do sit on the couch in a big, empty house and read a Francine Rivers book.

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Graphics by Peyton Sims. Unbeknownst to many, smiling can have a positive impact on a persons health, social skills and future.

Say cheese

April 15, 2020
Graphic by Allyson Smith.

Hollywood horrors

April 11, 2020
Photo Illustration. Its common knowledge that parents lie to their children, whether for their children’s protection or their own. Many of these take the form of myths such as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Lies that parents tell

December 17, 2019
Brotherly love

Brotherly love

October 10, 2019
Beth Dietze performs at Watermelon Supper as Trocia the Tiger.

Fits like a glove

September 11, 2019
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Emma LeFors