Hollywood horrors

Being a celebrity comes with drawbacks


Allyson Smith

Graphic by Allyson Smith.

Story by Emma LeFors, staff writer

As we watch the newest marvel movie, or see our favorite celebrity singing on stage, we dream of fame and all the benefits that come with it. The fortune and the adoration that comes with being a celebrity has its merits I personally would never want; here are  all the reasons listed below. 

The most prominent and obvious reason is that I would have no privacy. Having people constantly taking pictures of me without my knowledge would drive me absolutely crazy. I don’t want to have to dress up everytime I go out in public or put on makeup before I go to Walmart. As a teenager I need some privacy. Those who have younger siblings that are constantly “borrowing” our stuff or bursting into our room understand where I’m coming from. Being a celebrity would be like having millions of little siblings, trying to uncover every secret and know every personal detail about your life. 

Another reason I would not like to be a celebrity is the publicity. Even the tiniest facial expression or offhand comment or even a simple instagram post can be blown way out of proportion. Like Lily James’ ‘Shinderera’ post back in 2015 that inspired lots of outrage, while it is understandable people were upset, having to monitor everything you say and post would just be exhausting. 

Also, as a celebrity you have to care what people think. How much the public likes you is a big part of your career. If the public does not like you, then your career is basically over. That must be so exhausting having to constantly care what others think about you and of course you can’t please everyone. So no matter what you do there will be those you don’t like you and many will publicly declare their dislike for you. It is not fun when people start attacking you and pointing everything negative about you. And you can end up disappointing everyone or people you look up to. And you can never be yourself, you are always putting on an act with fake laughter. It is hard to tell who likes you for you or for your money. And their are going to be tons of rumors about you 

The magic is gone. When we watch a movie there is a certain type of magic there. People have super powers or break into song spontaneously but if you are a movie star, that magic disappears. You know how the movie was made and where all the special effects come from. The movie is no longer magical. You’re exposed to what happens behind the scenes. You witness the stunts doubles performing and see the actors acting out of character. 

You have to go to a bunch of press stuff and always have to watch what you say because even an offhand comment can turn into a huge scandal. Not to mention it is probably exhausting having to talk to people all the time.

You can’t enjoy simple things like taking a spontaneous trip or talking to a complete stranger or getting ice cream in public because people are constantly following you trying to get pictures of you. While everyone is dreaming about becoming the next Marilyn Monroe just remember being a celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be.