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Fall fun

November 1, 2017

As the leaves lose their color and find themselves in piles in the front yard, routines begin to alter with the season. We often find ourselves wanting to embrace this new change, yet at times we aren’t sure how we can welcome autumn to its full extent. I consider fall to be my favorite season, secon...

Seniors Julia Nations and Savanna Shively practice skills they learned in the Rosebuds self defense class on Jan. 14.

These roses have thorns

January 21, 2016

The Rosebuds Garden Club met for a group lesson in the art of Krav Maga in the cafeteria Jan.14.  The lesson was taught by owner and instructor Greg O’Neal and an assistant. Through the evening, the girls of Rosebuds watched videos and live demonstrations, tried a few tricks on their own, and learne...

Five alternatives to trick-or-treating

Five alternatives to trick-or-treating

October 27, 2015

  When you were young, Halloween meant dressing up in your favorite costume and going door to door gathering as much candy as you possibly could. However, trick-or-treating seems to lose its appeal as we grow older. You can always go to Walmart and buy as many fun-sized candy bars as you wa...

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