These roses have thorns

Rosebuds learn the art of Krav Maga


Photo by Kayleigh Moreland

Seniors Julia Nations and Savanna Shively practice skills they learned in the Rosebuds self defense class on Jan. 14.

Story by Naveen Malik, entertainment editor

The Rosebuds Garden Club met for a group lesson in the art of Krav Maga in the cafeteria Jan.14.  The lesson was taught by owner and instructor Greg O’Neal and an assistant. Through the evening, the girls of Rosebuds watched videos and live demonstrations, tried a few tricks on their own, and learned the meaning of self defense.

“Krav Maga isn’t about elaborate attacks,” O’Neal said. “It’s about defending yourself and then running as soon as you can.”

Although he stressed the importance of using Krav Maga only for self defense, O’Neal also insisted on the importance of “getting the job done.”

“If some man is trying to take advantage of you, I want you to hurt him,” O’Neal said. “Better yet, I want you to injure him. Don’t be afraid to hurt him; he has nothing but bad intentions for you. As soon as you get him on his knees, run.”

With many of the Rosebuds heading off to college this year, the lesson was especially valuable. With a few “soft,” a term used to describe simple, but useful techniques under their belts, the Rosebuds left feeling confident and empowered thanks to O’Neal.
“I’m really grateful for the experience,” junior Kayleigh Moreland said. “A lot of the things we learned are really useful, and I feel a lot safer knowing how to defend myself in situations like the ones he showed us.”