Fall fun

Activities that are just perfect for the season


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Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

As the leaves lose their color and find themselves in piles in the front yard, routines begin to alter with the season. We often find ourselves wanting to embrace this new change, yet at times we aren’t sure how we can welcome autumn to its full extent. I consider fall to be my favorite season, second to winter, because of all of the activities that come with the change. Here are a few of my favorite fall activities to spice up your weekend or just add some orange to your life.

  1. How to be basic– carve a pumpkin

Yes, pumpkin carving is the most generic thing that you could possibly do during the month of October, but I’ve found it to be one of the most memorable activities that I do with my friends. There’s just something special about scooping out pumpkin guts and smelling like the epitome of fall with your pals. Try laying out old newspapers on the driveway, getting enough knives and utensils for about five people, and have a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) party– there’s nothing better.

  1. Take a hike– no, seriously

To be completely honest, there is nothing better than the natural scenery during fall, no debate necessary. The way the sky looks during cotton candy hour is something that should be valued and watched as much as possible before it gets too chilly to experience it up close and personal. I’ve found that the best place to watch the magic happen is on the trail at Bringle Park. My all-time favorite pastime is to pack a picnic basket and head out on the trail; the weather is just nice enough walk until the sky turns pink and then enjoy the views and sandwiches with your best buds.

  1. Rock a dark lip– go outside of your comfort zone

A new season means a new you, right? Spend some quality time in Sephora and find some confidence in a new look. It’s not a sin to switch it up, and I can guarantee you that you’re probably your biggest critic. I personally recommend Bite Beauty if you are warming up to the idea of venturing outside of neutrals because of their wide color and payoff selection.

  1. Treat yourself– or a friend

It’s apple season, so do something to celebrate! Nothing rings in the new season more than a freshly baked apple pie. Try having a friend over, or use baking as an excuse to hang out with your mom for a change. The best apples for apple pies are Granny Smiths in my opinion, so check it out and decide for yourself.

  1. Get spooked– check out a haunted house

There are some really great haunted houses around Texarkana and even a little further out if you want to be super extra and leave town for it. If you’re going the extra mile and choose to venture out of town, the Graystone Haunted Manor in Harrison County, Texas is a thriller. With three different haunted features within the park, it’s easy to spend an entire evening there for a cheap cost.