A presidential showdown

Importance of watching the 2020 presidential debate


Abby Elliott

photo illustration.

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor

As generations progress, technology is invented and improved. Therefore, the internet has grown its far-reaching impact on society and culture. In the previous and current years, the media has added an enormous amount of attention to politics, especially in the years leading up to the 2020 election.

Although all of the media is not a bad thing, it does its job of informing people about current situations in the world that naturally sway most people into siding with liberal or conservative beliefs. The term fake news has become quite the illness in America.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the presidential nominees from the Democrat and Republican parties, have had their voices and opinions painted over every news section and network since they won their parties nomination. However, both men do not have the time to answer emails all day from curious voters. In effect, people have filled in false ideas and accusations on both sides due to the lack of accountability by news stations.

That’s where my strong belief in the importance of the presidential debate comes into play. With the actual election just over a month away, the time to make a final decision is near and that means the time for the truth to be heard is upon us, and that’s the beauty of the debate.

Targeted at mostly undecided voters that don’t push for any partisan but want to hear what the possible future presidents plan on doing for the nation, the debates give the people a chance to witness the two nominees argue face-to-face and have their policies challenged in real-time. It also gives the chance for false accusations to be proved or disproved, without any distractions.

See, while people on social media can run with a concept that one side is corrupt and incorrect and in the meantime believe that their partisan has the moral soundness of God, the debate offers the chance for both sides to pitch why they’re policies will benefit the people of America, and their opponents will not.

In this age with the power of the media, one holds the power of the people, and with the power of the people, someone in a vegetative state has the possibility of getting lucky enough to earn a presidential nomination. There is no doubt that the system has its flaws, but that’s how it works–– every politician manipulates the truth to earn power. It’s in their nature. However, the important part that every American should concern themselves with is how the man they’re voting for will use that power once it’s in their hands.

On either Sept. 29, Oct. 15 or Oct. 22, I believe that everyone of voting-age should take time, read Article two of the U.S. constitution, refresh themselves on the role of the president and truly listen to the debate.