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Diet full of sunshine

Story by Mikayla Zverina, staff writer
April 4, 2020
Photo Illustration. It's common knowledge that parents lie to their children, whether for their children’s protection or their own. Many of these take the form of myths such as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Lies that parents tell

Story by Emma LeFors, staff writer
December 17, 2019
Photo Illustration. Two girls fight over a piece of merchandise in a local department store depicting the turmoil of Black Friday shopping.

Shop till you drop

Story by Bailey Hawkins, staff writer
November 29, 2019
Photo Illustration. Senior Anna Grace Jones poses for a photo to seem as if she is attending a concert.

After the confetti falls

Story by Molly Kyles, editor in chief
November 22, 2019
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