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A media state of mind

Story by Autumn Golden, staff writer March 16, 2018

As society seems to progress, media begins to consume our spare time. Media ranges anywhere from music to TV to the apps on our phones. Since its debut in 1954, television has had one of the biggest influences...

Instagramless Katie

Instagramless Katie

Story by Katie Dusek, staff writer November 26, 2015

Anxiety. Fatigue. Sweating. Vomiting. Depression. Seizures. People expect teenagers to be faced with the symptoms of withdrawal without their social media. Adults expect us to be drooling out of our mouths...

School WiFi now blocks all social media

School WiFi now blocks all social media

Story by Anneliese Hounsel, sports editor November 17, 2015

It’s the new buzz on campus. Students are frantically checking their wireless connection, restarting their phones and double checking app updates. Why? Last week, all social media connections were blocked...

Senior Morgan Williams and Laura Rochelle take technology into their own hands.

Can you hear me now? Good.

Story by Madeline Hunley, co-print editor in chief December 10, 2014

Instantly grabbing for his phone, he realizes that the urge is something that occurs every minute of everyday. That does not bother him. The feeling has become a habit; something that cannot be broken....

Social media disasters: internet etiquette

Story by Alex O'Gorman, staff writer December 1, 2014

We all know that one person who will clog up your Instagram feed with selfie after selfie, or who obnoxiously live-tweets a movie everyone has already seen. Hopefully, this guide will prevent you from...

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