School WiFi now blocks all social media


Story by Anneliese Hounsel, sports editor

It’s the new buzz on campus. Students are frantically checking their wireless connection, restarting their phones and double checking app updates. Why? Last week, all social media connections were blocked on the school’s wifi.

“Our Internet filter made some undocumented changes to the way they classify some media sites,” Rusty Ogburn, TISD director of instructional technology said. “The changes were released in the last auto patch, and it put sites like Facebook, Twitter and such into a new classification and they are now blocked.”

Instagram has always been blocked, but recently sites like Twitter, Facebook and even Snapchat are inaccessible on electronic devices on the school wifi. No, your phone isn’t acting weird.

“We are working on trying to get in touch with the company to find out why the classification took place,” Ogburn said.

Schools must comply with the Child Internet Protection Act guidelines, and Ogburn said the district is looking into whether or not the changes are based on a state mandate.

Ogburn said the district is having to address the coding of each site individually.

“We are in the process of hand-fixing the database, but there are hundreds of entries,” Ogburn said. “and it will take some time.”