Behind the lens

Senior chases his media dreams

Jackson Haltom

Story by Samuel Cody and Liberty Maldonado

Senior Jackson Haltom shoots video of the Texas High football team. He has become known for his memorable sports videos. (Photo by Braylen Garren)

The man behind the scenes is Jackson Haltom. He is known for his football hype videos that are not only popular at Texas High, but nationwide. 

Anyone who has seen one of Haltom’s videos can tell he truly has a gift. He has found the majority of his success through his school’s media page and TikTok. Covering Texas High has given him many great opportunities. 

 “I think my proudest achievement is being able to go to big environments like NFL games, AT&T stadium, Duncanville football and working with big athletes and brands,” Haltom said. “I’ve also had my videos featured on MaxPreps, Overtime and The Checkdown, but I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people and teachers I have here at Texas High.”

Some of Haltom’s biggest projects this year would be his journey with the Tiger football team. Videoing practices, traveling with the team for games and being at team dinners, he shows the full aspect of the Tigers’ season.  

“I love the team and the coaches. They make me feel so welcomed, and this experience of following the team is something I want to do on a bigger stage,” Haltom said. “This type of exposure right now is such a great opportunity, and I can’t thank head coach Stanford enough for everything he’s been able to do for me.”

Haltom didn’t realize his gift with the media until after his father passed away. With his camera, he was able to capture special moments that he could look back on later.

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“After I got over the hard part and accepted his death, it really just opened my eyes. I realized I have a raw gift that not many people are given,” Haltom said. “I’m able to show my vision and creativity in whatever way I want. Creating a story through a video or through a singular photo.”

Haltom is also a part of the soccer team and feels like there are lots of similarities between his journey in both media and sports. 

“Just like in sports, you must work on your craft to perfect your skill,’’ Haltom said. “That’s what it takes with videoing and editing.”

Haltom’s gift with media is similar to an artist with a blank canvas. He can use his creativity and own style in his videos. You can see this when watching one of Haltom’s videos, because of this it separates him from others. While he does have a gift, this success did not happen overnight.

“Once I started mastering some of the simple skills and progressing and growing this past year, I realized I can go really far, ‘’ Haltom said. “That just drives me even more.”

Haltom is a senior but is just scratching the surface and is still determined to keep growing his platform. 

I realized I have a raw gift that not many people are given. I’m able to show my vision and creativity in whatever way I want.

— Jackson Haltom


“I would love to take my talent as far as I can, and I know I have that ability within me. I like to set goals for myself, big or small, so my goal right now is to take my skills to a big college. Once I’m at this institution, I have four years to perfect my craft before the real work starts,” Haltom said. “Until then, I will continue to grow my connections and platform, and when doing the little things like that, the doors will open on their own.” 

Reaching close to 1,000 followers on Instagram and close to ten thousand on TikTok on his personal page @thejrhmedia, his goal of making this a career looks promising. His videos not only bring exposure to the school but grow his personal brand as well.  

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people, coaches and teachers that I have at Texas High,” Haltom said. “I’m surrounded by a great environment in publications that’s held me to the highest standards.”