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Culturally diverse books

April 3, 2020

Books can take us to many different places and introduce us to many different cultures. They can give an insight into other people's lives and how differently they live. Authors write about their life experiences. Regardless of the reason, these books were written by Latin American authors to show the...

Teens browse through signed copies of books at  the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, Texas.

A trip for the books

March 11, 2020

On Saturday, March 7, The Texas High Library Club had the opportunity to attend the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, Texas.The students that attended had the opportunity to buy books, meet authors and meet new people who share their love for books.  “You don't have to wait for someone to tel...

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Book Upgrade

October 15, 2019

Reading has gone through a long and exhausting evolution. It has gone from some people not being able to read, to reading being for a narrow demographic, and now, even with all of our new technologies and ways of accessing literature, less and less people want to read. There are many interesting and ...

Students hold a select few of the 2018-2019 book challenge novels. The challenge started in late October.

Ready, set, read

November 19, 2018

The 2018-2019 book challenge is being held by librarian Rachel Epley from Oct. 29 until April. All students are welcome to participate in the book challenge. Students interested must speak to Epley and obtain the list of books. After you have read one, you will receive an orange review sheet that you...

Students involved in leadership through Student Council volunteered to read children's books at local elementary campuses. They read Dr. Seuss in honor of his birthday. Submitted photo

Cat in the hat kind of day

March 9, 2018

Students from the Leadership class visited Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics and Engineering Elementary School to read children’s books to elementary students on March 2. The event commemorated the birthday of Dr. Seuss, a famous children’s author. “We read children’s books to the Kinderg...

5 Books to read before graduation

5 Books to read before graduation

March 15, 2016

Slaughterhouse Five- Kurt Vonnegut This satirical novel follows Billy Pilgrim, an American soldier in World War II. He is abducted by aliens and taken to their home planet. There, Billy contemplates life, death, and the harshness of war. This novel opens the reader's eyes to the horrors of war, w...

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Summer invasion by aliens and school

August 25, 2015

You turn in your final exams. You make plans with your friends to make your summer epic. When the bell rings, you throw your papers in the air “High School Musical” style and run to your car. But then you catch a glimpse of the book buried under the unique assortment of trash on your floorboard, an...

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