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The 2018-2019 book challenge


Photo by Rivers Edwards

Students hold a select few of the 2018-2019 book challenge novels. The challenge started in late October.

Story by Andrea Loredo, staff writer

The 2018-2019 book challenge is being held by librarian Rachel Epley from Oct. 29 until April. All students are welcome to participate in the book challenge. Students interested must speak to Epley and obtain the list of books. After you have read one, you will receive an orange review sheet that you will fill out and give back to her. This will be done for each book and Epley will sign off on the book list.

“The book challenge is the top ten books picked by teens across the nation and they are books across all different genres,” Epley said. “Anybody can compete or participate.”


Written by Stephanie Garber, this fantasy book follows the life of a young girl, Scarlett Dragna, who lives on an island with her raging father who wants her to marry a stranger. Unfortunately for her father, Scarlett has a dream that she is willing to risk it all for. She wants to see the caraval, a distant, once a year performance where the audience is allowed to participate. When she meets a mysterious sailor named Tella, she begins to believe that everything will work out in her favor, but little does she know that things are not always what they seem.

“One of Us is Lying”

Described as “The Breakfast Club” meets “Pretty Little Liars,” this mystery book written by Karen McManus follows five of Bayview Highs most known students as they enter detention. Each of these students has something to hide form the Bayview Highs gossip site run by one of the students in that room, Simon, the outcast. He has information on the other four students that he is planning on posting on his website the next day. When he does not walk out with the other four students, the police are quick to call it a murder. They all want to protect their secrets, but would any of them go as far as murder?


This science fiction book written by Marie Lu tells about the new generation of gaming started with a single game ten years ago: “Warcross.” It started like every other game, but soon spread like wildfire across the world. Emika Chen is not just any player; she is a bounty hunter, locating and tracking down players who bet on the game illegally. When she accidentally glitches herself into the Warcross championships, she becomes an overnight sensation. As she begins to worry about her future, the games creator, Hideo Tanaka, makes her an offer she just can’t resist: to become a spy inside the game for him.

“Turtles All the Way Down”

This realistic book is written by John Green is about Russell Pickett  who is a billionaire on the run. Because of his $100,000 reward, people are rushing to find him. Aza is just your average sixteen year old teen who finds herself looking for him alongside her best friend Daisy. She soon finds herself navigating the short distance between them and Russell Picketts son, Davis, while dealing with the spiraling thoughts that live in her head. Aza wants to be a good child and help everybody around her, but she is battling her own thoughts.  

“Long Way Down”

Written by Jason Reynolds, this urban book tells the story of 15-year-old Will who has only one thing on his mind: revenge on the person who murdered his brother, Shawn. With his brother’s gun tucked in the back waistband of his jeans, he sets out to find the person who gave his brother the gun, Buck. With a single bullet missing from the gun and Buck now dead, Will must find a way to piece together what happened to his brother. With what little he knows, he must piece together how strangers are tied to his brother.

“I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter”

Written by Erika L. Sanchez, this book follows the life of high school student Julia Reyes and not being able to please, or live up to, her parents and their expectations, unlike her dead sister Olga. Olga was the perfect daughter until the accident that took her life, but as Julia’s curiosity beings to grow about her sister, she begins to discover that she may not have been as perfect as she seemed. Soon Julia begins to realise that the things she believed to be true were far from what they seemed.

“Strange the Dreamer”

Written by Laini Taylor, this fantasy book takes place in an ordinary world, however protagonist Lazlo Strange has been dreaming about a mysterious city, Weep, from a very young age. Weep is a real place that you can only get to by crossing to another dimension. When a group of legendary warriors and their leader, the Godslayer, ask him to join them, he must choose whether to seize his dream or to move on with his life.

“Wonder Woman Warbringer”

Written by Leigh Bardugo, this novel follows two very different girls destined to follow two different paths. Princess Diana was meant to follow in the path of the legendary Amazon warriors, just like her sisters before her. Alia Keralis, the daughter of death, just wanted to live her life away from her overprotective older brother. When they meet, they make a shocking discovery.

“The Hate U Give”

This urban book written by Angie Thomas follows the double life of Starr Cater. She lives in a poverty-stricken neighborhood and attends a suburban prep school. When it seems like her life could not get anymore different, her best friend is killed. They were pulled over, he was unarmed but was fatally shot. She is the only witness. Starr now has to tell her side of the story and say what happened. When your life is torn between two sides, telling the truth and making decisions become weapons.  

“Once and for All”

This romance novel written by Sarah Dessen tells the story of Louna, the daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett who believed in the cliche love story, complete with the fairy tale wedding. When serial dater Ambrose enters the picture, he is determined to get the girl he wants. Despite her best efforts, Louana couldn’t help but fall for Ambrose.