Cat in the hat kind of day

Leadership students travel to elementary campuses


Students involved in leadership through Student Council volunteered to read children’s books at local elementary campuses. They read Dr. Seuss in honor of his birthday. Submitted photo

Story by Joseph Rodgers, news editor

Students from the Leadership class visited Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics and Engineering Elementary School to read children’s books to elementary students on March 2. The event commemorated the birthday of Dr. Seuss, a famous children’s author.

“We read children’s books to the Kindergartners through second graders,” junior Ladd Preston said. “Me and Coltin walked in and [the kids] were pretty excited. We started reading to them and they were all really into the book.”

Not only did the elementary students reply with laughter but the Leadership students enjoyed it just as much.

“I felt really good about it,” Preston said. “It was really fun reading to all of the kids who squealed with excitement.”