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Rise, shine and be peppy

October 3, 2019

Though football season is far from over, the time of stomping on gym bleachers and student stampedes has come to an end. As the sun peeks over the Math and Science building and the first drops of dew sparkle in the pit, school spirit will already be in full swing. For the remainder of the home games, pep ral...

Beth Dietze performs at Watermelon Supper as Trocia the Tiger.

Fits like a glove

September 11, 2019

The sweat seeps through her shirt and soaks her hair as she dances around the field. “Never stop moving," she repeats over and over in her head. 15 minutes till her next break. She keeps dancing, and right when she starts to think she might collapse from exhaustion, a little kid runs up to her with...

A game day like no other

September 6, 2019

At the end of every Texas vs. Arkansas week, students rise before the sun. Members of all organizations and grades join together in support of Texas High School and the varsity football team. They gather to feast on eggs, biscuits, donuts and, most importantly, bacon. On Sept. 6, seniors gathered in the courtyar...

Seniors and juniors cheer at this year's Texas vs. Arkansas pep rally.

Keep the spirit alive

October 12, 2017

He stood at the front of his grade level, trying to get his peers to stand up and participate in the many school chants. He dressed up every spirit day. He yelled his heart out at every football game. Houston Hart was “The Kid Who Gave Texarkana Life." He put life in a seemingly lifeless town just by being himself and getting involved in each school event. It ...

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School spirit dissent

September 3, 2015

It’s Orange Out Day at the beginning of Texas vs. Arkansas Week. I’m surrounded by vivid shades of unnatural orange: bandanas tied as headbands, garish shirts bearing full-chest emblems of tigers and orange sweatpants that clash horrendously with the slightly different hue of their sweatshirt counterpa...

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