A game day like no other

Bacon fry rallies student body before rivalry game


Photo by Caden Rainwater

Seniors Dewoine Leeks, Rocioa Gabriel and Mathew Gass cook bacon on a propane griddle at the annual Bacon Fry the morning of the 2019 Texas vs. Arkansas football game. Seniors prepared breakfast for the rest of the student body and community.

Assad Malik

Story by Anna Grace Jones, editor in chief

At the end of every Texas vs. Arkansas week, students rise before the sun. Members of all organizations and grades join together in support of Texas High School and the varsity football team. They gather to feast on eggs, biscuits, donuts and, most importantly, bacon.

On Sept. 6, seniors gathered in the courtyard at 6 a.m. to participate in senior sunrise and begin preparation for morning’s bacon fry. These events are held annually to muster school spirit and excitement for the night’s football game against the Arkansas High School Razorbacks. Seniors and volunteers cook and serve the student body.

“Owen Likins and I planned the whole thing. We got all of the prices and food together, and we got volunteers to bring grills, cook and serve,” senior class president Karson McDonald said. “We started planning for senior sunrise and put it in honor of Damien Coats, No. 77 [on the football team],  who passed away in June.”

Although student council organizes the event, the entire senior class is encouraged to participate. 

“I think the really cool thing about this is that with the senior class it doesn’t matter what group you’re in or what classes you take,” said Susan Waldrep, student council and leadership adviser. “You’re out here cooking together, serving together and cheering on the Tigers together. It just makes it an event worthwhile.”

Bacon fry sets this football game apart from any other during the season. Despite the fact that each home game is accompanied by a pep rally, this is the only game that is preceded by a school-wide breakfast. This surge in morale directly correlates to the team’s intensity.

“This is the most hyped game of the year, I can say, besides playoffs,” junior defensive end Clayton Smith said. “I feel loved. I’ve been to schools where they don’t do anything like this. For [the student body] to take it this serious is cool.”

This tradition is not only renowned around Texas High and Texarkana, but it is also known around the state.

“It’s really funny because when we talk about this with student councils across the state of Texas, they copy it,” Waldrep said. “They’ve made a name for it. They call it ‘cowboy breakfast’ because they don’t have an Arkansas rivalry.”

Bacon fry is unique to Texas High, but the seniors responsible for it make it especially unique every year. 

“I think senior sunrise and bacon fry really bring us together as a class,” McDonald said. “Our class has always been known to accomplish things and do them well, but I think this especially brought us together.”

Bacon fry serves as a community and school event that brings everyone together in efforts to bolster the team and enjoy a breakfast that symbolizes eating up the hogs. 

“I thought it went fabulously well. It’s eight o’clock, and we’ve cooked all the bacon. We’re still serving,” Waldrep said. “We’ve got plenty to serve. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. They’ve done a very good job.”