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Crescendoing choir experiences

March 8, 2018

Anticipation filled the chests of all of the students waiting. I felt mostly confident. My mother was sitting beside me the entire time listening to me blabber words (oftentimes my coping mechanism for nerves) and she monitored me to make sure I knew I would do great. We had been waiting for hours...

A life lives on

A life lives on

November 21, 2017

Singing was something they’d always done. As they grew older, singing became more enjoyable and gained more of a sentimental value. Rick Goad, the biological father of senior Brennon Cope and sophomore Alex Cope, passed away early in their childhood from pancreatic cancer in 2007. Rick Goad was...

Nine athletes sign letters of intent

Nine athletes sign letters of intent

February 12, 2016

Signing day proved to be a kink in the daily routine of senior athletes across America. Yes they would wake up to attack the day, but this day was different for them. Instead of preparing for a day of workouts and hard work, some athletes slipped on gear from the college of their choice and prepared to...

Answering her call back

Answering her call back

January 21, 2016

She’s in a room with a cluster of other talents. People are singing songs and playing their guitars to pass the time, transforming the thick tension in the air with ease and lightheartedness. After a period of waiting, junior Bre McCarley and 10 others are escorted into a black and white room and aske...

Sophomore Savanna Kennedy writes song lyrics in her journal.

Pitch perfect

December 8, 2015

She sits in silence, constantly thinking. The world spins in her galaxy of a mind, creating a slew of phrases and ideas. She composes a symphony of powerful thoughts to be held by accepting pages and a few lucky people in the world. Behind closed doors, her voice compares to that of a professional singe...

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