A life lives on

siblings find comfort in music after tragedy

Story by Jenna Williamson, staff writer

Singing was something they’d always done. As they grew older, singing became more enjoyable and gained more of a sentimental value.

Rick Goad, the biological father of senior Brennon Cope and sophomore Alex Cope, passed away early in their childhood from pancreatic cancer in 2007. Rick Goad was referred to as “a man of miracles,” using his well-known singing voice to uplift others and bring them closer to God.

Searching for ways to carry on, Brennon and Alex quickly discovered that they possessed talented singing voices and wanted to carry on their father’s legacy for as long as possible.

“Singing is important to my family because it was something that my dad did very often, and we really strive to keep that alive,” Alex Cope said. “Even when we were younger, we looked to singing when we had a problem.”

Brennon and Alex have always been close. While the death of a family member brought them closer, singing together expanded that bond even more than they could ever imagine.

Music can bring on so many emotions, and I only hope that I do the same for others.”

— Brennon Cope

“Our first time really singing together in front of an audience was at the Miss THS pageant last year,” Alex Cope said. “It was something that felt right. It almost seemed like it was something Brennon and I were meant to do.”

Having been through so much, the dynamic pair are very strong and faithful. Their philosophy is and has always been, ‘We’re better together.’ They have always had a goal to put a significant amount of passion into their singing.

“I like singing because of the way music makes me feel,” Brennon Cope said. “Music can bring on so many emotions, and I only hope that I do the same for others.”

The deep impact their father had on them was so significant that singing will always be major part of their life.

“To this day, singing with Alex will forever be my favorite performance I’ve ever done,” Brennon Cope said. “Alex is very talented and has a wonderful voice. I couldn’t be prouder to call her my sister.”

A life that was unexpectedly cut short made a major impact on many people. Brennon and Alex’s lives will forever be changed, but everyday they try to persevere in the best way possible—by singing.

“That time in our lives will forever be something that we have to live with,” Brennon said. “Luckily, he left us with singing which is how we’ll remember him.”