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Senior Shaleigh Chandler spots one of her students as she prepares to do a back handspring. Chandler plans to become a physical therapist.

Senior Spotlight- Shaleigh Chandler

February 2, 2016

She completes practice, showers and dons her gym outfit. The young, eager faces hang on her every word on how to properly perform a dismount. After saying goodbye to the last of the aspiring gymnasts, senior Shaleigh Chandler goes home to complete her studies for the next school day. Chandler spends ...

Senior Spotlight—Connor Williams

Senior Spotlight—Connor Williams

November 5, 2015

Returning home from a long, hard working day, he begins to think about his schedule for tomorrow.  He wakes up early in the morning, survives school and then goes off to his job, where he runs audio mixers, edits filmed events and edits sermons that will be shown on television. For Senior Connor Williams,...

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Senior spotlight— Angeles Chavez

September 24, 2015

While crossing over each white line, she memorizes key facts for the government test. While hearing her coach yell to pick it up and run faster, she mentally repeats the process to solve a math problem. After being encouraged to want to win the season, she drives home to continue her pursuit in bein...

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