Senior Spotlight- Shaleigh Chandler


Kayleigh Moreland

Senior Shaleigh Chandler spots one of her students as she prepares to do a back handspring. Chandler plans to become a physical therapist.

Story by Tyler Snell, print co-editor-in-chief

She completes practice, showers and dons her gym outfit. The young, eager faces hang on her every word on how to properly perform a dismount. After saying goodbye to the last of the aspiring gymnasts, senior Shaleigh Chandler goes home to complete her studies for the next school day.

Chandler spends her days in school, teaching young girls gymnastics and participating on the Lady Tigers soccer and track teams.

“From my summer job of lifeguarding, I’ve realized I want to help others,” Chandler said. “But I also teach little girls gymnastics, and I love it.”

Through these experiences, Chandler plans to major in physical therapy or another degree that will enable her to help people or animals.

“After graduation, I plan on going to college to maybe [Southern Arkansas University] or another small school,” Chandler said. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and it is just my passion.”

Chandler has also enjoyed spending time surrounded by people who enjoy sports as much as she does on the soccer and track teams.

“I like being a part of the team because we are just big families,” Chandler said. “Going to games or soccer meets are just so fun. I love to spend all that time with my friends.”

Reflecting on her high school career, Chandler feels the best advice to give to other students is to not procrastinate.

“The number one rule is do not procrastinate,” Chandler said. “Do not wait until the last minute to do everything because you just stress, and it is not worth it.”