Senior Spotlight—Connor Williams

Senior balances school and work, prepares for career after college


Photo by Misty Morris

Story by Conor Diggs, staff writer

Returning home from a long, hard working day, he begins to think about his schedule for tomorrow.  He wakes up early in the morning, survives school and then goes off to his job, where he runs audio mixers, edits filmed events and edits sermons that will be shown on television.

For Senior Connor Williams, his everyday routine consists of going to school and working as a TV Ministry Assistant at First Baptist Church, where he prepares himself for life after high school.

“I hope to have the opportunity to go to Houston Baptist and major in cinematic arts,” Williams said. “Or go to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and get a degree in Aeronautical science, which is the flight program.”

As a TV Ministry Assistant at First Baptist Church, Williams has to make sure he gets the job done and lower the workload on the other employees.

“For the broadcast to stay on schedule, I have to edit lower thirds and closed captions every week,” Williams said. “I mostly do that only once a week because other than that, I’m working at events.”

Williams said that his current job will help ready him for the two majors he plans to choose from in college: either Aeronautical Science or Cinema Arts.

“I believe that the job will help me in numerous ways,” Williams said. “Since I already know how to do the majority of the sequences they have me working on at First Baptist, this will truly help hone my skills.”

From a young age, Williams had always had an interest in these two hobbies. He still balances both of the hobbies to decide which would be better for him as a lifestyle.

“For Cinematic Arts, I have always had fun working with film and video technology in general, and it would definitely be something I would make a occupation out of,” Williams said. “But for Aviation, I always enjoyed flying games and flight simulators, and flying is something I really want to pursue and make a profession out of.”