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This year, the Olveras had to face many obstacles all circling back to one issue: COVID-19. Because of ongoing safety hazards, the Mexican border has been closed on and off. 

Borderline precautions

Story by Graci Henard, staff writer February 25, 2021

Every December, senior Alan Olvera and his family pack up and head south, excited to see family and friends from their town, San Miguel de Allende. Their trailer is bulging with luggage and gifts, and...

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Traveling and terrorism

Story by Stephanie Jumper, Feature editor August 26, 2020

The adult travelers in airport security towered like wise old giants compared to my 4 feet of height and 6 years of life. Just their shadows looked large enough to swallow me whole. These strangers were...

German foreign exchange student Nils Schweizer poses in front of Texarkanas iconic state line. Schweizer was forced to return to Germany two months early due to concerns about COVID-19.

Escaping the virus

Story by Ruth Heinemann, staff writer April 7, 2020

Many students from all over the world, dream about going to an American high school for a year. Making new friends, learning a new language, and adjusting to a new culture is the adventure every teenager...

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Beige in Beijing

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer September 12, 2019

As the early beams of light cascaded on the Beijing airport at 6 a.m., I took note of my new surroundings and compared them to Texarkana. The buses were nothing special. Just your run of the mill people...


Deals on Thrills

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor May 20, 2019

As summertime approaches, some may find themselves looking at their empty calendars as they begin to think about all of the exciting vacations they desire. The only problem is that a majority of the places...

Sophomore Macie Webb attends a meeting about the Texas High trip to London, Paris, Munich, and the Swiss Alps. She will accompany the group to travel to Europe on July 6.

Tigers tackle Europe

Story by Molly Kyles, feature editor June 3, 2018

This summer, while most of Texarkana takes on some sunscreen and shades, one group of students, teachers, and parents will be taking to the skies. The group will depart for a ten-day trip to London, Paris,...

Katie Biggar walks through New York with her friend. Submitted photo.

I don’t mind feeling small

Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer February 9, 2016

There is something to be said about finding your purpose, no matter where it’s found or what helps you discover it. It is one of the most memorable moments of your life. There are no limitations to what...

Junior Grace Hickey enjoys Thanksgiving in San Francisco, CA.

Gobble on the go

Story by Grace Hickey, staff writer November 26, 2015

When confronted with the topic of Thanksgiving, most people nostalgically tell the tales of memorable family football games and Grandma’s turkey stuffing that is just to die for. It seems that everyone...

The inside of a church Ali Richter has visited during her travels. Submitted photo.

Just massing around

Story by Ali Richter, staff writer November 13, 2015

Early Sunday morning I walk into a classroom that is hastily decorated for a church service and filled with around 20 native islanders. Everyone rises, and they begin singing hymns, but it is far from...

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Around the world in 90 days

Story by Ali Richter, staff writer October 15, 2015

Four different people. Four different countries. Thousands of miles separating them. One struggles to climb the last step of the hike as sweat drips down her brow. Another laughs heartily at the scene...

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