I don’t mind feeling small

Sophomore shares her love of New York City


Katie Biggar walks through New York with her friend. Submitted photo.

Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

There is something to be said about finding your purpose, no matter where it’s found or what helps you discover it. It is one of the most memorable moments of your life. There are no limitations to what your purpose consists of nor standards. The creativity and freedom that you are given to establish your own personal fulfillment within your lifetime is endless. For some it could be a hobby or an occupation or a person or a thing. For me it’s a place. It’s a feeling. The good type of feeling small, when you’re surrounded by people with untold testimonies and foreign faces. The feeling of skyscrapers wrapping you up and holding you in captivity while you dance to the beat of your routines is typical in the city. New York City is my made up purpose. I’ve tucked my aspirations into this place and labeled it as my future.

Over this Christmas break, I took a trip to the city and learned more about myself than I thought was there. While adventuring throughout the Big Apple, I got to experience both touristy and local hot spots. From 5th Ave. to Central Park, there is always room for new adventures. I found an interest in the cultural diversity within the city. I enjoyed the fact that no matter where I was, I was surrounded by a mixture of languages and backgrounds.

I found that the more I explored, the deeper I fell in love with this place. I loved how SoHo held so many must sees while also filled to the rim with excellent amateur dines and boutiques. I enjoyed the breathtaking view from the top of the Rockefeller Center and how it overlooked thousands of people and left me face to face with imitating skyscrapers. I liked the feeling I got when I finally succeeded at hailing a taxi, which is not as simple as it appears in the movies. The sense of acceptance was undeniably present and nothing was more compelling to me than feeling apart of a place that was as big as this one. It was the good type of feeling small, and I would like to feel that for as long as I can.