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Affordable vacations for the summertime



Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor

As summertime approaches, some may find themselves looking at their empty calendars as they begin to think about all of the exciting vacations they desire. The only problem is that a majority of the places they want to travel to are far beyond their budgets. However, the perfect affordable vacation full of excursions, sightseeing and relaxation is right around the corner.

Costa Rica

If you crave a trip full of exciting adventures through rainforests and relaxing on clear water beaches, Costa Rica is the place for you. Vacation packages are available for no more than $1,500 which includes your flights, hotel and excursions. There are also multiple free activities to do like hiking, sightseeing, bird watching and more.

New Orleans

One of the most culturally appreciated cities in America is New Orleans. Jazz music blares from every street corner. Beautiful, historic buildings surround the French Quarter — this town is truly like no other. Luckily, New Orleans is a drivable distance away, so money is already saved without the cost of pricey plane tickets. Hotel rooms at the Le Pavillon cost around $100 a night and come with multiple amenities such as a rooftop pool, gym and restaurants. There are many free things to do in New Orleans as well as cheap activities like ghost tours, the Audubon Zoo and ferry rides.

The Grand Canyon

Arizona is known for it’s beautiful scenery, like the Grand Canyon. This trip would be a perfect family vacation where memories are waiting to be made. Tours of the entire canyon are only around $98. It’s a long yet drivable distance, which could be a perfect time to bond with your family members on the road trip.


Galveston, Texas is also a drivable distance away, which saves money and is convenient. Beachfront hotels and condos can be found for as little as $100 a night. The beaches are great for swimming, fishing and relaxing and are known for having multiple family-friendly activities.


A cruise is an affordable way to venture outside of the country while having the time of your life. Depending on what cruise you’re on, there will be multiple activities like swimming pools, waterparks, game rooms and more. It’s only $68 a night on the Royal Caribbean ship which is an amazing deal.

Summer is beginning to approach, which means vacations are waiting to be booked. Wherever you end up traveling, chances are high that you’ll find the most affordable deals and make an uncountable amount of positive new memories along the way.