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Winter weather blues

Winter weather blues

Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff writer February 10, 2022

It’s winter time and it’s freezing. You walk into class and see people shaking from the dropping temperature. Texas citizens are affected by the cold months because we are all used to the heat. It’s...

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Spring has sprung

Story by Katey Pappas, staff writer April 20, 2021

All of the four seasons are wonderful in their own ways. In the summertime, one can spend time lounging by the pool and traveling the world. In the fall, people get to experience the excitement of starting...

 Sophomore Reece Gaylor kicks the ball away from an opposing player. Soccer players usually find themselves competing in harsh weather conditions.

Frosty on the field

Story by Graci Henard, staff writer March 5, 2021

With the season starting in mid-December and lasting through April, an argument can be made that the soccer team endures some of the worst weather. The players have endured rain, cold, sleet and sometimes...

Snow covers Old Redwater Rd. in Wake Village on Feb. 15. The winter storm forced multiple roadways to shutdown.

After the melt

Story by Dakota Dennard February 22, 2021

Teachers scramble to get their work done, student athletes try to make up for the time they lost and the school staff attempts to hold the pieces together. While the snow proved to have its effects on...

Texas High School remains covered in snow after the first round of the winter storm. With more snow falling the night before Feb. 17, classes were canceled due to the unsafe driving conditions.

A snowy situation

Story by Dakota Dennard, guest writer February 17, 2021

In Texarkana, Texas, a miracle happened. On Feb. 15, everyone woke up to a winter wonderland outside of their window. Starting at 9 p.m. on Sunday, the snow slowly built upon itself to equal approximately...

Seniors Malley Wallace and Endsley Norman sled down a snowy hill on Feb. 15. While the cold weather has proved to be fun, some people struggle with knowing how to properly tackle the snow.

The cold never bothered us anyway

Story by Cate Rounds, editor in chief February 17, 2021

Ah, Texas. When people think of Texas weather, they usually think of intense heat, unbearable humidity and drastic changes in weather that leave the locals unsure of wearing shorts or an overcoat. Winters...

On Feb. 15, residents of Texarkana looked out their windows to see endless amounts of snow. School has already been canceled on Feb. 17 due to predicted snow fall.

An angry climate’s consequences

Story by Doug Kyles, news editor February 16, 2021

Look out your nearest icy, frozen window and gaze on a snowscape worthy of Alaska. Then, remember you are actually, in fact, in East Texas. It’s obvious the current weather conditions in our area (and...

A student sits at home while a snowy scenery fills the outside of her window. Many students have discussed the importance of having snow days that consist of playing outdoors rather than learning from home.

Silencing snow days

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor February 15, 2021

Snow day. It’s a phrase that conjures up nostalgic memories of running around the backyard as freshly knitted scarves trail behind us in the wind. It’s been a timeless tradition in schools since the...

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TISD to hold classes

Story by Caroline Purtle, online editor in chief March 26, 2015

Due to this year's inclement weather, the district had to close three instructional days. State policy requires the school to make up two of those days. Given that, the bad weather make up days for TISD...

UPDATED- Breaking news: school delayed in fear of snow

UPDATED- Breaking news: school delayed in fear of snow

Story by Caroline Purtle, online editor in chief February 24, 2015

The district has deemed Wednesday morning hazardous due to inclement weather. School will start at 10:30 a.m. again and class will begin at second period. "With the current forecast showing more ice...

Breaking news: School delayed due to bad weather

Breaking news: School delayed due to bad weather

Story by Caroline Purtle, online editor in chief February 23, 2015

TISD reevaluated this morning's forecast and came to the decision that tomorrow morning will continue to receive inclement weather and remain hazardous. The high school will now begin school at 10:30...

How to survive the cold

How to survive the cold

Story by Alex O'Gorman, staff writer December 8, 2014

Humans may be warm blooded, but that doesn’t stop some of us from being utterly intolerant of the cold. This genetic screw up that will hopefully be fixed in the future by natural selection is what prevents...

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