Spring has sprung

Why spring is the best season


Photo by Abby Bunch

photo illustration.

Story by Katey Pappas, staff writer

All of the four seasons are wonderful in their own ways. In the summertime, one can spend time lounging by the pool and traveling the world. In the fall, people get to experience the excitement of starting a new school year and celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then, in the winter, people celebrate religious holidays and get to wear their new sweaters. 

There is one thing missing from this list, however, and that season is spring. Spring is too wonderful to even have a place on the list. None of the seasons can top as the best season spring due to its weather, flowers, special days, foods and overall beauty. 


Spring, by far, has the most wonderful weather. The days are filled with bright, warm sunshine and light showers of rain. Temperatures in Texas during the springtime rarely require you to wear a coat. 

The sunny weather awakens all of the little animals from their long winter’s nap, and they begin a whole new year of life. Birds start singing again, squirrels start collecting their acorns, and fawns are born all throughout the forest. Spring weather is symbolic of new beginnings after a cold, bleak winter, making it even more beautiful.


Where can one begin when describing the flowers in the springtime? Everywhere you look, flowers of all shapes and sizes are sprouting out of even the most minor patches of grass. 

Their sweet scents and pollen attract the pollinating insects, and the insects allow even more flowers to grow. It’s a lovely sight, and knowing that the little bees and butterflies are hard at work making more flowers grow makes the whole thing even more special. Dandelions are a part of this group with their bright yellow flowers and wispy white seedlings. After all, there is nothing better than making a wish and blowing the seeds off of a dandelion!

The last day of school

There is nothing better than the last day of school. It is single-handedly the best day ever. Enough said.

Treats and candy

There are so many sweet treats during spring that make it one of the most delicious seasons. Fluffy bunny-shaped marshmallows, jelly beans, chocolate and puffed rice treats are all mouthwatering and fun to share with friends and family. Easter also has tons of great foods ranging from Cadbury Eggs to roast chicken. 

Overall, spring just beats all the other seasons when it comes to just about everything. The weather is always lovely, the animals are happy, and the flowers are alive again. Though spring may not be known for many major holidays, it is filled with all of the little things that make life truly beautiful. What’s not to love?