TISD beats TASD in canned food drive

Story by Cicely Shannon, co-editor in chief

At the Texas/Arkansas football game on Sept. 10, TISD was named the winning district in the first TexarCANa Kick Hunger canned food drive. The competition was close with Texas winning by just about 2,000 lbs.

Though at first student body President Braydon Jones wasn’t concerned, by the big night he was a little nervous.

“At the beginning, I was not extremely worried about winning because I kept thinking TISD is much larger than TASD, so we would have a better chance,” Jones said. “I did begin to worry toward the end because we got off to a late start, and Arkansas received a nice contribution from an anonymous donor which made the race extremely close.”

By winning the football game, this became a double victory for the tigers.

“We are so proud that we could win the first annual food drive,” Jones said. “We had a great start to an amazing new tradition. Beating Arkansas not only in the game, but in the food drive as well, was a dream come true.”

Just over 77,000 lbs. of food was raised, which was donated to Harvest Texarkana. Though TISD is excited about being the first winners, they are also pleased with how well the community did as a whole.

“This truly was an amazing community service project,” Jones said. “Although, it was a competition, by working, it brought together the city of Texarkana. My hope is that this tradition is continued and that the city of Texarkana is united.”