A green light in a sea of pink

Senior supports her father by wearing lime green


Sara Vaughn

Senior Kaylyn Coleman proudly displays her green shirt. Coleman wears green to support her father, who is a lymphoma survivor.

Each row of bleachers contains its fair share of pink shirts. Here and there, some hair is colored pink, while others wear bracelets or headbands to support breast cancer. The volunteers line up to support survivors. One student, however, chooses a different color.

Senior Kaylyn Coleman wears green in support of lymphoma cancer, a disease that her dad battled for the past three years.

“The first year he had radiation and chemo, and it went away. Then it came back a couple months later, and it came back aggressive,” Coleman said. “He had to do more chemo and radiation and that didn’t work so he had a stem cell transplant.”

The experience started in eighth grade for Coleman right as she was transitioning into high  school.

“I wanted to do it my freshman year when I came here because it meant a lot to me,” Coleman said. “[I wear green] just to say that there are more cancers out there. [It’s] nothing against breast cancer, but there are just other cancers out there that need support too.”

Although Coleman is more composed now that the cancer is gone, she still remembers her first reaction when she heard the word cancer.

“It was very emotional because when you hear cancer you are like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ and it kind of messes you up,” Coleman said. “When I first found out, I immediately ran up stairs and started crying because I was so scared.”

Now that the nightmare is over, Coleman hopes to use it as a positive influence on her peers at school and spread a story about faith while wearing the green.

“We just had to trust God to heal my dad, and he did. It wasn’t easy not knowing what could happen to him but God had a plan,” Coleman said. “Everyone should support cancer because it is bad and hard to go through. I just want to wear the most green possible to get support and prayers from everybody and promote trying to find a cure.”