Math club raises funds to buy calculators

Story by Autumn Sehy

A new graphing calculator, the TI-Inspire Navigator Wireless, is on the rise. This calculator uses a windows-type operating system similar to home computers.

“It allows students a more dynamic and interactive learning experience,” math teacher Lisa Zach said.

Her classroom was the first to use these new calculators, but it wasn’t permanent. She has begun a fundraiser, sponsored by Math Club, to buy them permanently. They are selling candy.

“The goal is to raise money for the TI Inspire Navigator Wireless system for the classroom,” Zach said. “The student who raises the most money will get a new TI Inspire.”

The calculators will integrate the newest technology available into her class.

“Everything in our world revolves around technology,” Zach said. “Students need to be able to use technology to problem-solve and to get skills for their future jobs.”