Students compete in BPA regionals


Pictured is Jonathan Birl, Mason Shoalmire and Richard Bittorf who all competed in recent BPA competition.

Story by Cailey Roberson, staff writer

Of 11 of students competing in the Business Professionals of America, BPA, regionals in Frisco, three have qualified for state in Dallas.

BPA is a way for students to use their skills to compete in different categories.

Junior Jonathan Birl competed in Legal Office Procedures and placed third.

“It’s not really all interesting, but I like it,” Birl said. “[There were] a whole bunch of people there. I thought I didn’t have any chance.”

Competitors were given an opportunity to do what they enjoy and be recognized for it. Shoalmire placed first in Visual Basic/C# Programming.

“It’s a place you can meet new people and work on programming,” freshman Mason Shoalmire said. “[It was] lots of fun. It was a cool trip.”

Being a part of the Business Professionals of America is beneficial for potential scholarships as well as a way to meet other students.

“I had fun. There were a lot of people there,” freshman Richard Bittorf said. “We just went and did our competition stuff, then we got to hang out with a lot of cool people.”

Bittorf placed fourth in PC Servicing and Troubleshooting. These three students will meet up again for State in Dallas late February.

“It was a good experience,” Birl said. “I’ve been studying hard [for State] and I can’t wait for it.”