Whatcha say?

Controversial comments shouldn’t ruffle so many feathers

Story by Tyler Snell, staff writer

First, this might offend some readers, but I have a right to speak my mind because of my First Amendment right. Unfortunately, people WILL get offended. They just need to learn that people aren’t going to agree with other’s opinions.

Freedom of speech is becoming an endangered species. Americans have different and opposite views, but that doesn’t mean we have to complain that someone said something that we didn’t like or hate that person just because of their views (unless they are the president or in politics).

In light of all the media outrage involving Phil Robertson and even Paula Deen, our rights as Americans are being questioned and slowly being taken away.

Too many people get upset because she said this or he said that. In a place with so many people, there will be those that do not agree with other’s opinions. Hate the comments, not the person. Don’t try to ruin them or get them in trouble just because they were speaking their minds and standing up for what they believe in.

I am tired of watching what my views are, especially with religion, just because I might ruffle some feathers. In a country that is known for being free, I still can’t proclaim my views because people will get mad that I disagree with them.

Get over it. Grow some skin and a backbone and realize that there are other voices in all of the chatter, and don’t throw fits just because I spoke my mind about my beliefs.

What is even worse is that the media puts its opinions in controversial news stories. If I want their opinions I’ll watch a talk show. When I watch the news, I want the news. Tell me ALL the facts and then let me make my decision. Too many people are just swayed because they hear excerpts of stories. People need to get the whole picture.

Phil Robertson was speaking what he believed and told the reporter what he was asking for. Sure he could have said it in a better way, but he grew up in the backwoods of southern Louisiana. The interview by GQ set him up for those answers and the journalist even put his opinion in the article. Last time I checked, he was writing an entertainment story, not a column.

Those in the LGBT community have every right to complain about it because they have freedom of speech. What is wrong is that one side of the issue is being persecuted just because they had their own opinion.

We just have to realize that people are going to disagree with us. We have our rights to opinions, but that doesn’t mean that our lives should be ruined or that we should be discriminated against just because we have a say in controversial issues. That’s what this country is known for- its freedoms, so let’s start practicing them.

Living in the land of the free gives us the opportunity to hear differing opinions. We should respect them and not get offended by just words.