Pursuit of happiness

Junior goes to the depths of emotional instability to uncover the route to falsified happiness

Photo from Creative Commons

Photo from Creative Commons

Happiness. It’s a simple thing to achieve, but some people find it super hard to find. The reason is because they’re constantly finding something, even if it is very little, to criticize. They try to find anything in society, in people, in everyday life to criticize to either pull someone down, or draw attention to themselves, so they can get some sort of recognition.

Nobody is perfect, so to sit there and just pick at how they dress or how they look because they don’t have the “beauty or popularity” factor is ridiculous. Some people can’t be happy with themselves for who they are, so they decide to drag someone else down with them to feel some sort of superiority over people. Beauty does not mean looking like you just got your makeup airbrushed or got a rocking spray tan. Beauty is your attitude and how you treat people. Beauty ties in with happiness. When you feel beautiful, you are happy with yourself and, in turn, don’t pick at others to bring yourself up.

You don’t criticize others. It only makes yet another person unhappy in life and the chain reaction starts from there.

People would also be so much happier in society if they would just have a positive outlook on life. When a person is always the “Debbie Downer,” it makes people not want to be around them. Even in the hard times, it’s ok to smile. It’s ok to laugh. Thinking about doing irrational things to yourself just because you can’t find happiness makes nothing better.

Although this will sound so cliche, smiles make everything better. One way to be happy in this society that we now live in is to not find superficial happiness. Don’t try to find it in materialistic things or by doing something you wouldn’t naturally do as a person. All of that fades away. That’s the problem today. People try to find and force happiness in things that fade away, then they’re just as broken as they were before, if not even more. Happiness comes and stays when we let it. Accept that simplicity.