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Snapchat takes away infamous “Best Friend List”

Story by Caroline May, design editor


There once was a time when the world was different. And fuller. And brighter. And better. Those times have changed because of one utterly disappointing event. The removal of the “Best Friends” list on Snapchat.

Even sadder than the day Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store, what is better known as the bff list being withdrawn from Snapchat has devastated the lives of teenagers across the globe. As an avid Snapchatter, the use of the bff list in my life was immensely common and contained a wide array of purposes.

For one, however will I find out who’s crushing on who? More often than not, the number one username on a teenager’s Snapchat revealed the scoop behind that person’s love life. Now that this feature has been removed from the app, all juicy secrets are kept behind closed doors, and what’s the fun in that?

Not only did restricting the once public bff list hide confidential information, it also ended a highly competitive race to the top of other people’s bff list. What once was all fun and games has transformed into just another social media app. If the bff list does not make a comeback soon, the end of Snapchat could be approaching which would be a true shame.

Official Snapchat logo altered into gpx.
Official Snapchat logo altered into gpx.

Soon after the update was made that removed the “Best Friends” list, The Snapchat app received an enormous amount of negative reviews concerning the heartbreaking change. Giving hope to these upset users, the CEO of Snapchat tweeted, “We’ll bring back BFs soon. A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private – we’ll come up with a better way to do that.” This tweet was made on Jan. 27, and to this day (Mar. 4) they have still not fixed this disgrace to mankind. For this reason, my faith in an upcoming solution to this dilemma is quickly fading.

Even since the elimination of the BFF list, other updates have been made (which are amazing updates might I say), but if the Snapchat executives have enough time to add new features to the app, they should fix the issues already made.

Therefore, concerning the management of Snapchat, please repair this concerning matter for the good of society and everything wonderful in the world.