Eyebrows on fleek

Sophomore reflects on passion for makeup

Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

I was told from a young age to always respect the boundaries of makeup and to understand the age in which it was socially acceptable to apply it according to my parents. I did accept their policies to an extent, but as I got older, my fascination with the art of makeup quickly transformed into a day-to-day hobby.

I loved creating, and that’s all I knew. I loved the creativity and freedom I had every time I picked up a brush.

When I was 12, I went to the local Clinique counter in Dillard’s to get a skin consultation. I remember the lady that was helping me told me that my face should be treated like a canvas, and makeup was my paint. For some reason that has stuck with me to this day. It’s necessary to find self fulfillment in what you love, regardless of its importance to others.

Many people believe in the stereotype that the majority of females use makeup to disguise who they actually are, but that is most certainly incorrect. It is impossible to cover up a personality with foundation or mask a talent with a full coverage concealer.

The reason I find my hobby intriguing is because of its commonality. Girls that don’t layer their face in powder before heading out the door or slap on some lipgloss for a selfie are few and far between.

I’m infatuated by the fact that so many women (and even some men) are experimenting without any acknowledgement whatsoever. They are simply acting out of routine, and nothing excites me more than watching others generate new ways of expressing themselves and finding personal self contentment. Makeup allows me to do just that, all while keeping my eyebrows on fleek.