“R” Rating? Must be Deadpool

Senior voices frustrations over not getting into movie

Story by Bethany Dowd, staff writer

Violence, gore, spandex suits and humor. All of these factors contribute to making an amazing movie. Marvel’s newest masterpiece, Deadpool, had all of the above and more. I went to see Deadpool on February 16th. After checking my ID, I was handed a ticket and made my way to the roller coaster that was this movie. It begins in media res, in a high action but hilarious scene, while your friendly neighborhood Deadpool explains what you are about to experience.

The story is then told in flashback, starting with his original job and into his romantic life, the tragedy that befalls him, the drastic lengths he goes through to fix his own tragedy and many others all up until the scene you see at the beginning. But of course, since it is Deadpool we are talking about, in between all of those serious matters there’s tons of humor and plenty of sexual innuendos. The fourth wall was broken repeatedly, giving the audience the feeling that they were honestly being told this story by Deadpool himself, unlike most movies in which the fourth wall is a sacred barrier that no one touches.

Needless to say, this R rated movie is not meant for children. Take your kids to see Civil War, not Deadpool. Yes, he is technically a hero, but an anti-hero, not our traditional, saving the world kind of guy. He curses, uses crude humor and has a number of obscene hand gestures simply not intended for children. So please, don’t be the person with a two year old in your lap as deadpool, ah, consummates his relationship.
The movie was amazing, with a wonderfully complex plotline as well as plenty of comic relief to grind away some of the tension. If you’re 17 and have an ID, definitely go see it and support the country’s new favorite hero- or type of hero.