Possibilities for progress

Changing school traditions creates new memories

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer

Texas High upholds multiple school traditions such as Bacon Fry, rivalry weeks and Spring Olympiad. School traditions make each school differ from the other. Our school would not be the place it is today without the annual events that take place.

Tradition forms the basis of our society. Without it our school would consistently search for what to do in times of comradery. Through practice, Texas High annually expands the significance and opportunities tradition brings. Participation grows and more activities are added on.

Tradition also serves as an approach to compose lasting memories. Alumni share their high school experiences to their students participating in traditional events as they too had partaken in. As we move on with our lives, we can share the memories made at annual events throughout time.

Traditions are something to look forward to. Although summer is a time for relaxation, I anxiously await the football season chants and annual spring performances. Even through some of the worst days, I can always look forward to the joy these traditions bring.

That is not to say, however, that I am against change. In some scenarios, change can bring forth tradition. This year, Texas High brought back club night, as well as created a new tradition for seniors: Senior Sunrise. Each of these changes were beneficial to students, as they opened up new opportunities and memory making moments.

Change is an indication of possibilities. Changing the environment  for Student Council’s dinner theater last year from the cafeteria to the Performing Arts Center brought forth a larger crowd and superior stage production options, such as stage lights.

Along with opportunity, change allows one to experience personal growth. The ability to adapt to new scenarios can lead to personal development.  Generally speaking, new experiences and ways of thinking permits one’s brain to grow stronger.

Both tradition and change are valuable to everyone. Upholding school traditions allow a greater unity among the student body. However, providing changes to the school allows Texas High to expand the many opportunities offered to students.