There’s a difference

Bisexuality and homosexuality are not the same thing

Story by Matthew Martin, staff writer

There’s a difference. Many people don’t understand the difference or see it, but it’s there. It’s not a “cover” to protect the feeling you have. Many people confuse the gay and bisexual sexualities with each other. Other students are afraid to come out due to the way they feel in their environment.

Bisexual and gay are quite close to each other, but not the same at all.

Being a bisexual student can be rough, especially when criticism is so popular. Many stereotypes about sexuality can make victims more vulnerable and sensitive, making them feel uncomfortable in their environment. They are automatically labeled as gay.

Being labeled as gay is not a threat, but it is offensive: not because it takes away masculinity or makes you seem weak, but it’s because it makes the sexuality, bisexual, seem fake. People actually do find both sexes attractive and prefer both. You don’t just have to stick to one sex or be considered only straight or gay.

Bisexuality is a romantic attraction to both male and female, while gay is just considered homosexuality. Yes, being bisexual means to like the same sex, but it also means you are still attracted to the opposite sex.

Many times bisexual students will encounter the phrase, “You’re gay, bisexual is just a cover,” but it’s not. These words are like nails on a chalkboard, making me cringe as I listen. The feeling of knowing that they’re wrong, but they will not listen if you try to correct them, is overwhelming. The tormentor should know their own opinion before blurting it out.

Being bisexual is like feeling like an outcast, being confused. Not many people look at you and say, “He’s bi,” or, “They must be bisexual.” It’s uncommon, mainly because many people are scared to settle in the middle.

You don’t just have to stick to one sex or be considered only straight or gay.

— Martin

As Audrey, from the article Becoming Visible, said, “Some bi people put off coming out or come out as gay or lesbian because they feel forced to be decisive and hear from all corners that bisexuality isn’t a legitimate choice.” This quote articulates an attitude prevalent among bisexuals that most of the bisexual community is scared to come out because of settlement and stereotypes.

Coming out is an important part of a homosexual person’s life and knowing what they want to come out as is the biggest step in this process. If someone decides to go past the point of bisexual just because they’re afraid to be considered that, then they will be uncomfortable with the title they are given.

Students find it embarrassing to come out as bisexual because of the fact that it’s associated with being gay. Many people are afraid to talk to gay people, especially if they are Christian or uncomfortable around them. 

A common feeling I hear is that being bisexual feels like you’re stuck, like no one gets the fact that you’re still straight as well. Being bi is like people forgetting the fact that you still have a bit of heterosexuality left in you, unlike being gay. It’s like people don’t realize that there’s a difference.