Age old memories

Aspects of childhood are left behind as people mature


Sophie Spakes

A young girl plays outside with her stuffed bear. Childlike games are often forgotten as people grow and mature.

When it comes to growing up, not many people find it easy to leave behind some of the joys of childhood. It may be hard to let go, but everyone must grow up at one point or another. Although it can be sad, comfort can be found in looking back at some of the key aspects of childhood.

Carrying stuffed animals

When people are kids, it’s cute that they carry their favorite teddy bear wherever they go, but when those people become older, it’s less cute and more worrying. People expect that by the time a person reaches the second or third grade, stuffed animals should be left at home. By the fifth grade, that person shouldn’t even have stuffed animals in the first place. However, some teens refuse to accept the norm and decide to keep their favorite toy in their room as a way to hold onto a little piece of their youth.

Wearing costumes when it isn’t Halloween

Kids tend to have wild and crazy imaginations. This can lead them to believe they are a cowboy in the wild west or a fairy princess in an enchanted forest. Either way, it is accepted if a child wears these costumes anywhere they go, be it a fancy party or simply heading to school. Though, once they get older and start to mature, they must wait for the beloved spooky season when they can once again wear their craziest costumes. Except, some people have found a way around this by doing things like cosplaying, where any day is acceptable to dress up like their favorite characters.

Imaginary friends

Most children get lonely and bored fairly easily, so they make up someone who will always be willing to play with them at any time. Imaginary friends will always hold a special place in everyone’s hearts, but eventually they must disappear into memories. After a while, people start to think of it as though the person is talking to themself and isn’t in the right state of mind. 

Picky eaters

Almost everyone has certain foods that they absolutely love, and foods they detest with a fiery passion. When it comes to kids, the former tends to be a bit more limited. From refusing to eat anything green, to living off a diet of dinosaur chicken nuggets, as we grow, our pallets must evolve and become more diverse. With these diversities in food choices, people have made careers trying different foods from around the world. The next Gordan Ramsey could be sitting at the dinner table, refusing to eat food that is touching each other.

Drawing on the walls

With markers and crayons in hand and no paper in sight, the next best thing is the walls that surround us. Young kids are yet to be taught consequences or what’s right and wrong. Drawing on the walls can be a rite of passage for most, trying to proudly display their art for everyone to see. 

Making forts

When children are tired of the reality with chores, rules and vegetables, kids will find ways to escape into their own worlds. Forts are a childhood favorite for most people. They are magical portals to worlds imagined by the child. Made out of whatever is laying around in the house and enhanced. with magical energy, these forts were made to escape reality. In the words of famous cartoon sponge, SpongeBob Squarepants, “All you need is a box and imagination.”