A contradictory form of ideology

Does Anarcho Communism really make sense, or is it hypocritical?


Ayla Dean

photo illustration

Although few and far between, there has always been a handful of people that consider themselves a communist, even if they have never lived in a communist country. Lately, the belief in one form of communism, “anarcho-communism,” also known as anarchist communism, has been on the rise.

Anarchist communism is a form of communism that advocates for “no government,” and that things such as money and hierarchy shouldn’t exist. However, people of the society should still remain equal throughout, and the means of production should be even.

As for me, and I’m sure many others, I believe that anarchist communism contradicts itself. Anarchism and communism are complete opposites of each other. 

I first learned about the existence of anarcho-communism from a senior during my junior year. They told me about it during lunch, then I noticed they would repost media about anarcho-communism. 

I saw how so many people were following these anarchist communism accounts, including some students attending here. The senior explained anarcho-communism to me as a society that could live equally without government. Ideally, it would look something like a utopian society where everyone gets along. 

First of all, no society could live equally without a government. 

Many anarcho-communists say, “everyone would have to consent to it.” Very rarely will you have people who will consent to live under those conditions. Many people believe in getting what you work for, and they would not want to live equally to someone who does less than them. 

Second of all, you need a government in order to live equally. If there is no government, then society could not be controlled, and criminal activity would most likely skyrocket. 

Anarcho-communism is still a form of communism, and I believe that any form of communism shouldn’t be taken lightly.

For example, if my ancestors were living in northern Korea when the country split, realistically I would not be living in America today because I would not be allowed to leave North Korea. 

That’s just how scary real communism is. However, anarchist communism is communism by choice, so should it really be considered communism?