Was it an accident?

Conspiracies on Princess Diana’s Death


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With the Netflix series “The Crown releasing its fifth season showing drama from Windsor Castle on fire to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce, it made me wonder, did the people of Great Britain and the entire world love and respect the people’s princess more than the queen? 

When she passed, thousands of people filled the London streets as they wept over her death. Many were angry with the paparazzi, blaming them for her death. They were mad at the queen, as she was in Balmoral Castle for a couple more days after the princess’s death was announced. So many people had left flowers for Diana making it look like a sea in contrast to when the queen passed; the flowers were just on the side of the fence of Buckingham Palace.

Diana was well respected and admired by the people as she was so down to earth. She was very different from the other royal family members. She showed a lot of emotion towards her kids and the public. One of the rules she wasn’t supposed to break was to not take the queen’s spotlight away, which she had done on a couple of occasions. She was almost always on the front page of the newspaper, whether it be because of a dress, charity work or scandals.

To me, she was someone that was just thrown into the deep end when she joined the royal family. She had already had second thoughts on the marriage, but with Charles already proposing to her, she had no support from anybody. She already knew that it was too late to back down, so she had to deal with it and put effort into her marriage.

In the end, it wasn’t enough as Diana didn’t understand Charles, nor did he understand her.”

As their age difference was already a problem, their lack of communication made it worse. This led to finding comfort in other people, Diana famously having an affair with their riding instructor, major James Hewitt, and Charles being with his famous “mistress” at the time, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The marriage being a wreck caused Diana to suffer from mental problems, as she was mostly known for suffering from Bulimia. The papers would bring headlines on how thin she was and were “supposedly” worried about her health.

In the third episode of season four of “The Crown,” it focuses on what it must have been like for Diana when she was suffering from Bulimia. British actress Emma Corrin played a stunning performance reincarnating Princess Diana’s troubles. Showing the loneliness that she was facing and finding out that her then husband was calling another woman. She would eat and then force herself to throw it all out again.

In 1997, a year after their divorce, Diana passed away in a car crash in Paris while she was on vacation with her then boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. She was still alive when the firefighters arrived at the scene as she told one of them her last words, “My God, what’s happening.”  She was then taken to the hospital, but many people have reported seeing the ambulance that she was in stop twice during their route back. She died from her injuries while she was in the ambulance. This was another reason that I have thought that Diana was killed by her former political family.

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So many strange things happened the day that she was killed. When police were looking at the surveillance cameras to see what had happened, they noticed that the cameras were pointing at different directions of the tunnel. 

Some of those directions that the cameras were in looked as if they put them like that to not capture the moment when the accident happened. Some of the cameras weren’t even facing the street tunnels.

What I still ask myself is if the British Royal Monarchy were involved in her death? Did they convince the French government to help them cover up her death? Do the British think that the Queen had something to do with it? 

If the British nation wasn’t the same after the Peoples’ Princess death, then the monarchy will definitely not be the same now that the queen’s passed and Charles ascends the throne as King, with the new “queen,” Camilla Parker Bowles. Why did she pass away so young and so strangely? What are your theories on what could have happened on that tragic day?

But no one can deny that it was Diana, Princess of Wales that captured the nation’s heart with class and elegance, a true royal princess.