Running from the cameras

Junior shares thoughts on Harry and Meghans press relations

Story by Anna Bell Lee, Staff Writer

Walking to your car you see nothing but flashes surrounded by people asking you questions, who fail to realize that you too have boundaries and the need for personal space. You feel congested, like you just need to explode from claustrophobia. You want your privacy back.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have built quite the reputation within the years of their relationship. Along with their personal lives, they carry the weight of their royal titles. With that title and fame, comes the press. 

The press has been noted to have a bumpy relationship with the two royals, consistently releasing new information and exploiting the couple for money. Everyday they are forced to sacrifice different parts of their life because other people disrespect their personal boundaries.

In the new Netflix documentary of Harry and Megan, “Harry and Megan”, they are forced to go live at their friends house to escape the press. A couple of weeks later, they found a helicopter circling above the house, after they expressed they were exhausted from avoiding the press so much.

Not only can this affect Harry and Meghan, but they also have two children to protect. These kids are going to grow up with a camera in their face 24/7. Of course almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera, but the difference in the ones from the press is they are involuntary. They will never be able to enjoy a night out with their parents or friends because the paparazzi will harass them the entire time they are out.

It is unfair to them to carry such a heavy weight on their shoulders when they did nothing to deserve to do so. The press would not care about their personal lives if they were an average couple, so why does it matter what they are doing because they are royals? Why is it anyone else’s business what goes on in their personal lives? The answer: Money.

The intention of the press when it comes to Meghan and Harry is to get pictures for money, no matter the means. It is cruel to harass a family who never did anything to you personally.