Seniors share hope for new year

Story by Julia Hurlburt, Staff Writer

There are two very important parts to a story; the beginning and the end. Both the beginning and the end are so significant that they capture people in a special way. The end is most special because everything seems so much more meaningful because it’s about to be over. So as the class of 2011’s senior year begins, they set goals and have hopes of what the year will bring such as success, fulfillment, fun and thrills, or just for it to be over and in good preparation for the next thing coming.

Lucas Wren
“I’m looking to vault 15 feet this year and make all A’s. I’d also like to not miss any extra points or field goals.”

Tracy Henderson
“I just want to graduate and go on to the next part of my life.”

Gentry Mitchell
“I want as much preparation for college as possible.”

Djemila Stinson
“I just want to get all my credits and to have a great year.”

Allyssa Hudspeth

“I really just want everyone to have fun and not to worry about drama this year.”

Brittany Jones

“From my senior year, I want the satisfaction of knowing that my high school career paid off, but most importantly I want to know that I made something out of myself and I didn’t let parents, teachers, friends, or even ex boyfriends crush those dreams.”