Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: Review

Story by Dylan Pitman

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may be new to Texarkana, but it is actually a well known franchise around other areas in Texas. I recently visited our new Fuzzy’s and ate a feast of baja tacos and two different sauces. I know that trying food from a place called Fuzzy’s sounds weird and gross, but I was willing to take that challenge, and I’ll eat any taco with the word “baja” in it.

The baja tacos, which consist of your meat of choice, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, cilantro, garlic sauce, and feta cheese which runs at $1.99 plus tax, were packed with tons of flavor. First, I tried the griled fish baja taco. It tasted good, especially with the regular sauce. The cheese and veggies complimented the fish and it was packed with delicious flavor. I prefer the soft tacos over the crispy tacos. The soft tortillas were baked to a beautiful brown shade. The taco shells are nothing special and not fuzzy at all.

Next, I tried the pulled beef tacos. The meat wasn’t too tasty in my opinion. It was just okay. The pulled chicken was well prepared and tasted better than the pulled beef. The shredded cheese was delicious on all the tacos. I was extremely pleased with that.

There are two different sauces to choose from: regular or habanero. Being the curious eater that I am, I tried both. The regular sauce was very tasty and fit in perfectly with the tacos. The habanero was a mistake. It was way too hot in my opinion. It took 15 minutes for me to regain my sense of taste after trying the sauce with my fish tacos. The taste was good, it was just too hot. The rice was superb and was decently priced at $1.79. In my opinion, I would go there just for the rice and grilled fish baja tacos.

The service at Fuzzy’s was pretty good and helpful. The employees make sure you feel at home and content with your meal. The restaurant itself has a good atmosphere itself. It’s not too flashy, nor is it too plain. It would make a good hang out spot as well, with it’s jukebox and neon lights.

Overall, I had a good experience at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Most of the food was good, the service was great, and the atmosphere was pretty comfortable. Plus you get refills for 99 cents if you bring your souvenir cup back. However, I’ll go ahead and answer the question on everyone’s mind: Taco Bell is better.